RPVSolutions works on investigation and developmental projects.
The acquired knowledge is then applied to other systems of different fields.
We have developed projects in distinct areas – agriculture, industrial machinery and domotic (IOT Internet of Things) – and we strive to expand our work to many others.

Autonomous Agriculture

- Aeroponics/Hydroponics Autonomous System
- Watering, nutrients and climate control of a greenhouse
- Effective control of natural resources
- Control and monitoring in real-time

Industrial Machinery

- Industrial systems automations
- Assured security with redundant systems application
- Control and monitoring in real-time

Home Automation

- Control and monitoring in real-time
- Development of mobile applications to control and monitor electronic devices
- Artificial intelligence implementation in your system
- IoT Internet of Things Mosquitto MQTT


RPVSolutions offers a wide array of complete solutions to support a high performance, with cost control, being flexible enough to adjust to the needs of any kind of company.
Our clients trust us when it comes to a consistent support in their autonomous systems, embedded systems, mobile applications and hardware.
Main Core: Linux Yocto Kernel GStreamer Drivers Video Network Embedded MQTT Mosquitto IOT (Internet of things)

  • Embedded Systems

    - Creation of personalized Linux Kernel images
    - Development of software in C/C++ to specific hardware ( gstreamer ARM )
    - Control and monitoring in real-time

  • 'Apps'

    - Development of applications to mobile devices (Android and IOS)
    - Interactions between the ‘apps’ and diverse systems in real-time

  • Hardware

    - Electronic prototype
    - Assembly of electronic and electric equipment
    - Repair of electronic devices

  • Autonomous Systems

    - Introduction of artificial intelligence to your system
    - Real-time sensor monitoring
    - Real-time actuators control
    - Creation of personalized autonomous solutions


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